Coffeelike: experiments in the evolving podcast landscape
Coffeelike: experiments in the evolving podcast landscape
A change of plans (NPPM 16)
A change of plans (NPPM 16)
cause I'm an explorer dammit!

🥳Hiya Coffee Cup,

Today I’m stepping back and admitting that I need to do something different. Yes, again. This is my selfish creative month so HA, I can do this daily if I wish.

No seriously, it’s healthy to admit when you outgrow a project, no matter if it’s been a few days, week, months or years.

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In the behind-the-Stack (premium) section I’ll be sharing one of the best ways to learn and grow on Substack. And a few funny moments.

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🥰 Substack highlight: Full circle back to voices

I know I said I wasn’t going to do any more Substack reviews. I’m not. This is a Substack audio that I was involved with and that I’ve been so touched by.

I’m so pleased to tell you that I worked on the first episode of an audio experiment for Rae Katz’s Lady’s Illness Library. Originally Rae was having these conversations and even recording them. Which helped get the stories into the world for sure. But she had an inkling that something could be done with the audio. A Substack acquaintance of mine, Alex Dobrenko of Both Are True referred her to me (thanks Alex!) and …well, here we are. She’s published the test episode. Check out the full conversation, key points and transcript here,

And a huge shout out to Sam Jacintho, an Audio Engineer friend who helped out with a particularly annoying sound in this audio. If you need your audio cleaned up, contact him!

Here’s a quote from her conversation with Ema Hegberg of Peace of the Whole, another great Substack.

😍 If you'd like to follow the behind-the-Stack part of these posts…

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🤯 You don’t have to do it all!

As passionate folks we often think that we have to do it all ourselves. I’m here to assure you that you don’t. If you need help editing, managing or promoting your podcast (with Substack or YouTube), reach out. We can have a quick chat and see if we’re a good fit. Worse case scenario we meet. And isn’t that lovely!

Fill out this quick form and we’ll get something on the calendar in December.

See ya tomorrow,


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Coffeelike: experiments in the evolving podcast landscape

Coffeelike: experiments in the evolving podcast landscape

I'm experimenting with different tools to help my clients spread their message in the best way. And I'm approaching it with an open mind and in a playful way. I'll be sharing these experiments with you in this space.