Coffeelike: experiments in the evolving podcast landscape
Coffeelike: experiments in the evolving podcast landscape
Autistic content creators on Substack(NPPM 13)
Autistic content creators on Substack(NPPM 13)

🥳Hiya Coffee Cup,

Today I’m sharing a very touching post from Ellin Park about her challenges being an autistic content creator.

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🥣 Stack of the day: Autistic Qualia, Ellin Park

Seeing what people do online is NOT a true reflection of the energetic price that they may pay for that content. And this extends far outside of our online presence, as Ellin so bravely describes in her post, The Struggles You Don’t See.

You can listen to her post on the Substack app, not the website. Or you can read it on either location.

Here’s what resonated with me about her post. If you are time strapped, skip my audio/video and go consume her post instead.

Captions are available on the YouTube video.

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🥰 The Struggles You Don’t See, Ellin’s Substack:

😬 Another autistic moment that struck a chord with me recently

I bookmarked this moment from in my audiobook app last week. This book is Katherine May’s experience processing her late life autism realization (like what happened to me about 2 years ago). Here’s what she said about watching herself have a sensory moment after it’s passed.

"It's not such a tragedy. No harm is done. But it's a revelation to have watched it happening consciously perhaps for the first time ever. Fifteen minutes later I can't work out what all the fuss was about. It feels like I have two different selves. A desperate animal self that emerges in chaos and a calm, wise human who squints to recognize her twin. But isn't that the nature of ASD. It's a semaphore through a fareground mirror where the signals get warped and mangled so that their sickening, a call and response that comes back disharmonious. A Chinese whisper between the speakers of two different languages. It's an endless miscommunication between the world and me. Between me and the world."

from The Electricity of every living thing by Katherine May

In the audiobook, about 79 percent through. exactly 6:48:31

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🤯 Slow down and connect more

You do NOT have to leave social media to start making more genuine connections again. But it would be would help if you slowed down and added more connectivity to your online activity. Here’s how I do it.

See ya tomorrow,


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Coffeelike: experiments in the evolving podcast landscape

Coffeelike: experiments in the evolving podcast landscape

I'm experimenting with different tools to help my clients spread their message in the best way. And I'm approaching it with an open mind and in a playful way. I'll be sharing these experiments with you in this space.