Case studies of small business podcast growth

Case studies on how using multiple platforms spreads your business message more

I’m going to be sharing the below 3 examples and maybe more in the next few newsletter issues.

I’ve had the most interesting conversations recently with small business owners who are struggling to get their podcasts heard by the right people. And yes, I said “people” because that includes listeners, (video) viewers and/or (newsletter) readers.

TLDR: Your message is important so spread it out to multiple mediums to reach more of the right listeners (some of which may become clients).

By spreading your podcast gems to multiple mediums, you WILL attract people that like listening, watching AND reading.

Here are quick snapshots of our wins.

#1: Over 1,000 podcast downloads in 4 months

Paul Rosenblum’s The (Not Boring) Boring Small Business Bookkeeping and Accounting Podcast. Some have turned into clients too.

read the full case study here

#2: Over 250 newsletter subscribers to a podcastish newsletter in 3 months

Rachel Hanson’s Sound Sorceresses newsletter, which supports the Sound Sorceresses magazine. The magazine doesn’t even come out until October 1st! Oh, and there is talk of a podcast component coming soon. That’s why I’m writing about it here.

read the full case study here

#3: Small business rebrand with little turbulence (ie change in followers)

My own small business, Coffeelike Media, has gone through some serious changes over the past year. But with these changes, I’ve consciously done a few things to keep the followership growing and engaging.

Mindset: Be careful of the comparison trap!

If you’re thinking that these figures are small compared to large podcast networks, think again. As small business owners, we’re so niche that we’re NOT looking for a big audience, followership, etc. We’re looking for more good fit connections that lead to seamless discovery calls where we can decide to work with people that are pleasant to work with. That’s my goal and I know many other solopreneurs that feel this way too. That’s the point of view I take when gauging success in these projects.

Read the full case study here