How can I help?

What can I do for you?

✍️ Podcast manager: keep your production schedule on track, upload to podcast host, write episode titles/show notes

👁 Social media: I use newsletters and YouTube for social media mostly but can also pull quotes from episodes that you can use on the socials as well if you wish.

🎧 Audio and video editing: I think examples are best for this. There are some below.

🌟 Organic marketing tips: I'm a creator myself and specialize in promoting projects organically. What this means is focusing on sharing the value in a project with the right people, thought leaders in that space and communities that talk about that topic. I have a gazillion podcast sharing tips a day, lol, and a resource library or even more. If you want, I can share some of them with you with every episode we do. I believe in slow, iterative growth, so I never overwhelm my clients:)  

📓 Planning: workflow, season, guest outreach planning. I can help you with any of these matters. 

🤯 If you prefer self paced learning, check out my webinars.

🐉 How to get started: